Design de banc public à ATHÈNES (Grèce) – 2010

Maître d’ouvrage : Public
Type de mission : Conception
Surface de projet : néant
Statut : Concours

The main idea is based on the installation of “green islands” inside the future cities to generate places where people can steel communicate.The future bench should correspond to the future of our cities, illustrated by movies like Metropolis”, “Wings of desire” or “Sin city”, where the green miss and as it should be we reintegrate it. Where the atmosphere is dark and impersonal, we reintegrate some pieces of nature associate to the human scales.

The geometry of the structure of the bench symbolizes this idea of the shape of an island.

The design is simple: a hull for the base and a sheet of cork integrated in the structure for the seats.

The hull – mixed plastic: light, easy to be worked with, obtained from plastics and recycled plastics.

The seat – Cork: natural material, light, impermeable, good insulator, obtained from recycled cork stoppers.